2021/2022 Academic Year Pilot ‘Shadow Nursing’ Programme Commences for Freshers


  • 2021/2022 Academic Year ‘Shadow Nurses’

  • ‘Shadow Nursing’ Programme Briefing Is Held before Students Enter the Wards

The Pilot ‘Shadow Nursing’ Programme has always been well received by the teachers and students of Kiang Wu Nursing College of Macau (KWNC) and has been popular amongst first-year students. In addition to Surgical, Internal Medicine, Hospice Palliative Care Departments that were included in the Programme in the past, this year, Pediatric Department had been added to provide students with more learning opportunities. The programme is for ‘Bachelor of Science in Nursing Programme (BSN)’ students who have not started clinical study in the first term after admission. As ‘observers’, students follow nurses from start to finish of their work shift in the wards, and learn about the role of nurses, nursing duties and the overall operation of the department. Shadow nursing enables nursing students to better understand the core spirit of the nursing profession, the actual working situation of different departments and assists students to be familiar with the nursing environment at an early stage, therefore, students can gradually adapt to professional learning, and helps the students to set a study direction for the future.