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  1.   Freshman Scholarship of Excellence
  2.   Outstanding Student Scholarship
  3.   Award of Outstanding Conduct & Academic Performance
  4.   Award of Excellent Conduct & Academic Performance
  5.   Student Scholarship of Excellence
  6.   Award of Outstanding Performance in Clinical Study
  7.   Excellent Graduate Award
  8.   Graduate Award for Potential Excellence in Continuing Study
  9.   Scholarship of Overseas Exchange Study
  10. Award of Outstanding Student Contribution
  11. Full Attendance Award
  12. Health Promotion Award
  13.  Award of Excellent Research Paper
  14. Academic Progress Award
  15. Language Award
  16. GEG Foundation Community Nursing Scholarship *
  17. Award of Excellent Student Leadership *
  18. Award for Self-directed Learning **
  19. Award for Benevolent Social Services **
  20.  The mainland students with excellent academic performance


  Benevolence Scholarship Foundation (BSF)
  1.   Grant
  2.   “Biliteracy and Trilingualism” Education
(e.g. Seminars, Exchange Clinical Study/ Exchange and Learning, etc.)
  3.   Promoting nursing professional development (visits to remote regions either initiated by students or organized by the College)
  4.   Accommodation allowance for learning in Hong Kong


  1. The above-mentioned scholarships and foundations can be applied by students; ** **Voted by peer students.
    2. Benevolence Scholarship Foundation (BSF) can be applied by students, details can be found in “Forms” .
    3. Details of the quota and assessment requirements of scholarships and foundations can be found in “Student Hand Book – Attachment VII”.