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Freshers Orientation Programme 

Via Orientation Programme, students can have an elementary concept about the information they need during the forthcoming academic life.It is also a mental and physical buffering zone for students as their role has changed to college student, enabling them to adapt to the college life and to have better preparation on their path to be a qualified nurse.


Support in Study Life

Through Career Development Support system, we hope to help our students to have further understanding about their future while absorbing knowledge in their study, whereby students can have a clear direction about their development path. Therefore, amongst the objectives of this support system, students' inner self-identification is chosen to be the prior objective, which will eventually reinforce students' inner development during their work in the future.


Emotional Intelligence Enhancement

Nursing is a highly demanding profession, which requires excellent emotional intelligence. Naturally, such requirement applies to nursing students. BE-Centre has been helping students to enhance their emotional intelligence quotient, training them to be successful and professional nurses, for the upcoming challenges in the future.



Having negative emotion while facing difficulties during study is not anything rare. BE-Centre provides mental counselling throughout the college study of students, who will eventually be professional and qualified nurses.


Organization and Management of Extra-Curricular Activities

Aside from support for students' learning, BE-Centre is simultaneously supporting and giving guidance to Students' Union and seven sub-clubs. The target is to let students learn in the activities, learn management skill from different teams, and master the techniques of external communication and establishing relations, all of which will lead to the achievement of students' self-directed learning. On the other hand, every sub-club will have club mentor, together with student affairs coordinator, so that students will have sufficient back-up to organize activities.


Support Services for students with special needs

In fulfilling the education principle of the College, “From Personhood To Benevolence”, the College would accept any student who want to take up our programmes and when they meet the admission requirements. College has policies in supporting students who are physically disadvantaged or with learning disabilities. For further details, please read about the document “Support Services for students with special needs”.