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Members of CPPCC Encourage Students to Care about the Motherland’s Development2020-10-21

Sport Club Holds a Dodgeball Competition2020-10-14

Staff and Students of Kiang Wu Nursing College of Macau (KWNC) Broaden their Knowledge of National Security2020-06-19

Interactive Talks Helps Students to Relieve Coronavirus Stress2020-06-19

512 Happy International Nurses Day2020-05-12

Award of Outstanding Student Contribution of Academic Year 2019/20202020-05-04

Award of Excellent Student Leadership of Academic Year 2019/20202020-05-04

Letter of Support to all Medical and Nursing Staff2020-02-21

Glory of Care Holds Activity to Enhance Public Awareness of HIV/AIDS2020-01-09

KWNC Teachers and Students Participate in ‘2019 Walk for Millions’2019-12-16

Students Champion “Nursing Now” Event2019-12-13

“2019 Senior Citizens Health Check Day” demonstrates students’ respect for older adults2019-11-13

KWNC Students Participated in the Fourth “College Students’ Exchange Camp between Macau and Jiangsu”2019-07-03

Big congratulations to TANG KA IENG on winning a prize at the “Competition of mobile app emoticon package design competition for higher education students”2019-06-05

“The voice of campus 2019 – STAR’S Pulse” drew to a satisfactory close2019-05-02

Joint Activity of Macau Nursing Student Unions “2019 Nursing School Fun Day” Takes Place2019-04-08

Warm Congratulations to KWNC Students Leong Kin Fai and Ieong Ka Ieong for Achieving Awards in the “Macau Higher Education Institute Basketball Competition 2019”2019-03-25

The 10th Debate Competition for Higher Education Institutes “Kiang Wu Cup” Ends Satisfactorily2019-03-21

New Leadership of KWNCSU and Sub-clubs Held a Spring Dinner2019-03-15

Benevolence Education Centre Organizes Pilot “Shadow Nursing Programme” for Academic Year 2018/20192019-02-25

KWNC Invites UM’s Faculty of Law to Speak on Country’s Constitution, Macao’s Basic Law and Nurses’ Citizen Quality2018-09-06

The Freshers’ Orientation Camp for Academic Year 2018/2019 Is Held Successfully2018-09-02

Activities for BSN2018 Freshers’ Orientation Week Officially Kick Off2018-08-24

Mid-Autumn Festival Gathering for Non-local Students2016-10-05

2015/2016 Student Leadership Award – Rules and Regulations2016-06-24

BE-Centre Holds Alumni Sharing Session2016-01-13

KWNC Students Promote AIDS Knowledge to Community through Promotional Activity2015-12-14

KWNC Students’ Reasoning Ability Proven as Debate Team Won 3rd Prize in Debate Competition2015-11-12

Be-Centre Pilot “Shadow Programme”2015-10-28

Men’s Basketball Team of the College is Officially Formed2015-10-08

2014/2015 Excellence in Student Leadership Award Preliminary Result2015-08-17

Academic Year 2014/15 Excellence in Student Leadership Award2015-06-15

English Day2015-06-08

Exercising for Better Health2015-05-13