Game of Library — “Limited Time Challenges”

Game of Library — “Limited Time Challenges”

Activity : Limited Time Challenges

Date : April 11th to April 30th, 2016

Time : Library Opening Hours

Target Participants : Students of Kiang Wu Nursing College of Macau

Methods of Registration : At the library counter or Online registration

Prizes :   1st          MOP$600 Bookstore Voucher (for the team)

                2nd         MOP$300 Bookstore Voucher (for the team)

                3rd          MOP$150 Bookstore Voucher (for the team)

                4th & 5th    1 Gift (each member of the team)

Result Release : May 3rd, 2016 [The result will be announced on the Bulletin Board of the College and the Library]

►For further details, please refer to the poster.