Book Recommendation

In order to promote students' interest in reading, our teachers have recommended their favorite books to our library.  The books are listed as follows:

● 道德情操論

● 相信零可以成真

● 醫療與社會共舞

● 照護基本功 : 趙可式教授實作教學

● 圍城

● 德行書

● 失智症臨床照護指引

● 最後一程 : 瀕死者給醫生、護士、教牧和家人的曉示

● 世界第一簡單護理統計學

● 死在香港 : 見棺材

● 死在香港 : 流眼淚

● The Great Gatsby

● Man's Search for Meaning

● Pride and Prejudice

The books will be displayed at the leisure area in our library from 11th to 27th May 2016.  You are welcome to borrow them after the book exhibition.