College News

KWNC Hosts Press Conference for Showcasing KWNC 100th Anniversary Events Achievements2023-12-01

Officially On Sale! The 1st Day of the Issue of KWNC 100th Anniversary Stamps2023-11-29

Programme Replay! KWNC 100th Anniversary Television Interview2023-11-29

KWNC Teachers & Alumni Gained Fruitful Results in ‘Guangdong-Macao In-Depth Cooperation Zone in Hengqin Cup’ Nursing Vocational Skill Competition2023-11-29

Alumni Return to KWNC & Share Historical Transformations for Lecture on Chinese Culture2023-11-21

KWNC 100th Anniversary Stamps & Souvenir Sheet2023-11-13

17th World Congress on Long Term Care in Chinese Communities Closing Ceremony & KWNC Healthy Ageing Research Centre Plaque Unveiling Ceremony2023-11-03

Taiwan Tajen University Delegation Visits KWNC2023-11-01

KWNC Hosts the 17th World Congress on Long Term Care in Chinese Communities to Explore New Challenges of Post-Pandemic Era Long Term Care Service2023-10-31

Chengdu Medical College School of Nursing Delegation Visits KWNC2023-10-30

KWNC Promulgates Dementia Awareness & Care with Community2023-10-05

2023/2024 Opening Ceremony, KWNC Provides Advanced Nursing and Health Science Talents for Community2023-09-08

Alumni Association of Kiang Wu Nursing College of Macau and the Hospital Kiang Wu Nursing and Midwifery School of Macau Re-election2023-08-28

Macao New Chinese Youth Association Health Ambassadors Explore Life Journey Experience Pavilion, Growth Experiences and Life Meaning2023-08-09

Macao Government Tourism Office Acting Director Cheng Wai Tong Leads a Delegation to Learn about Teaching Facilities2023-08-07

KWNC Hosts Macao-Guangdong-Suzhou High-Fidelity Simulated Teaching Collaboration Project to Strengthen Teachers’ Simulated Teaching Ability2023-08-01

KWNC Convenes 2022/2023 Academic Year 3rd College Council Meeting2023-07-28

KWNC and Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine Jointly Train Nursing Core Members2023-07-20

‘Health Care Course’ Closing Ceremony & Half of the Graduates Further Study Medicine or Nursing2023-07-20

President Van Iat Kio Leads a Delegations to Visit Foshan and Expand Cooperations2023-07-11

Various Groups Visit KWNC during Summer Holiday2023-07-07

‘2022/2023 Graduation Ceremony’2023-07-03

KWNC Research Output Press Conference Promotes Health of Domestic Helpers & Encourages End-of-Life Support Development in the Community2023-06-21

KWNC Promotes Interdisciplinary Integration with Cross–University Collaboration & Cultivates Diversified & Top Talents2023-05-12

KWNC Launches DCG Course Accredited by ADI to Promote Dementia Care2023-05-10

Assistant Prof. Cheong Pak Leng Visits Malaysia to Promote Nursing2023-05-08

Hunan University of Chinese Medicine and KWNC Explore & Promote Nursing Education Development2023-05-08

KWNC Celebrates Youth Day & International Nurses Day & Conveys the Spirit of Advancement, Responsibility, Universal Love & Selflessness2023-05-08

Assistant Professor Lei Wai In Shares KWNC Senior Care Talent Cultivation Experiences with Chinese & International Experts2023-05-08

KWNC Convenes 2022/2023 Academic Year 2nd College Council Standing Committee Meeting2023-04-24

President Van Delivers Speech in Guangdong-Macao Nursing Cooperation & Exchange Seminar2023-04-20

Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine & Guangzhou Medical University School of Nursing Delegations Visit KWNC2023-04-19

KWNC Islands District Medical Complex Campus Open Day Citizens Experience Nursing Operations & Learn about Life Education2023-03-28

Kiang Wu Nursing College of Macau Islands District Medical Complex Campus Launching Ceremony Ho Cheng-Kai Memorial Library Opening Ceremony2023-03-27

First Nursing & Comprehensive Health Professional Demonstration Experience Pavilion in Macao‘Kiang Wu Nursing College of Macau Wynn Care Life Journey Experience Pavilion’ Opening Ceremony2023-03-27

Transport Bureau Concerns About KWNC Teachers and Students’ Transportation2023-03-01

Launching of ‘Guangdong-Macao Joint Training of Nursing Backbone Members’ Project & Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine Entrusts KWNC to Provide Older Adult Care Course2023-02-23

KWNC and Peking Union Medical College Nursing Exchange Programme2023-02-22

KWNC Mourns College Anthem Composer Koo Ka-fai2023-01-04

KWNC and Shenzhen University Sign Agreement & the 1st Cohort of Exchange Student Will Study in KWNC Early Next Year2022-12-13

KWNC Successfully Convenes College Council Meeting, College Council & Advisory Committee Joint Meeting2022-12-09

Delegation of Jiangmen Municipal People’s Government Greater Bay Area Office and Guangdong Jiangmen Chinese Medicine College Visits KWNC2022-12-07

KWNC 100th Anniversary Celebration Press Conference2022-11-22

KWNC 100th Anniversary Celebration Activities Begin with a Concert2022-11-22

All KWNC Graduates Pass 1st Nursing Qualification Exam2022-10-25

KWNC Hosts ‘Fresh Beginning’ 100th Anniversary History Culture Lectures to Celebrate Nursing2022-10-25

KWNC Celebrates Successful Convening of 20th National Congress of the Chinese Communist Party2022-10-24

Principals & Representatives of more than 30 Secondary Schools Visit the Islands District Medical Complex Campus for the 1st Time to Know about Nursing Education & Developmental Advantages2022-10-24

KWNC Hosts 2021/2022 Graduation Ceremony at the New Islands District Medical Complex Campus for the First Time2022-10-11

2022/2023 Opening Ceremony, KWNC Welcomes 200 Bachelor and Master’s Programme New Students2022-09-05

Ng Wai I, PhD Takes the Post of KWNC Vice-President (Academic)2022-08-26

KWNC Convenes 2021/2022 Academic Year 3rd College Council Meeting2022-07-06

Sharing of Clinical & Teaching Research Outputs in Kiang Wu Nursing Academic Exchange Conference2022-06-14

Transport Bureau Representatives Visit KWNC to Recognise Transport Needs of the New Campus in Islands District Medical Complex2022-06-08

KWNC Delegation Visits Zhuhai The Fifth Affiliated Hospital (Sun Yat-sen University) to Deepen Collaboration2022-06-08

KWNC New Campus in Islands District Medical Complex Expects To Be in Operation Next Academic Year2022-06-01

KWNC Hosts Flag Raising Ceremony, Cap Conferment & Pinning Ceremony to Celebrate Youth Day and International Nurses Day2022-05-06

KWNC Convenes 2021/2022 Academic Year 2nd College Council Standing Committee Meeting2022-04-08

KWNC Suggests to Create a Mutual Aid Network for Caregivers to Prevent Overwhelming Pressure2022-03-14

7 Types of Health Care Professionals Apply for Dementia Care Organiser Programme2022-03-07

Liaison Office Deputy Director Zheng Xincong’s Delegation Visits KWNC2022-02-23

KWNC Research Outputs Press Conference on Undergraduates, Filipino Domestic Helpers & Greater Bay Area Nurses2022-01-20

KWNC Successfully Completes ADI Provider Accreditation & Student Recruitment for ‘Programme in Dementia Care Organiser’ Starts Next Month2021-12-17

KWNC Hosts National Academic Conference and Training Course to Explore Life and Death2021-12-15

KWNC Convenes 2021/2022 Academic Year 1st College Council Meeting & Advisory Committee Meeting2021-12-03

Macao Team Wins Zhuhai-Macao Nursing Vocational Skill Competition Finals2021-11-29

KWNC & Jiangsu College of Nursing Explore Collaboration2021-11-17

Degree / Diploma Is Conferred on 88 Graduates in KWNC Graduation Ceremony2021-11-12

KWNC Hengqin Hospital Training Base Plaque Unveiling2021-10-29

College’s Staff Officially Enters KWNC New Campus in Islands District Medical Complex2021-10-26

26 Secondary School Principals & Representatives Visit KWNC to Know about Development of Nursing Profession and Requirements for Further Education2021-10-05

KWNC Participates in the Cross-regional Collaborative Research iSupport Project & Hosts Sharing Sessions for Dementia Caregivers & Recruits Research Participants2021-09-20

Dementia Thematic Training for Police Officer Session2021-07-23

NHSC Programme Reviews Receive Confidence Rating2021-07-22

PDAN Programme Review Completes2021-07-21

KWNC Convenes 2020/2021 Academic Year 2nd College Council Meeting2021-07-19

NHSC Provides Health Training for More than 2000 Students within and outside of Macao throughout the Year2021-07-12

Teachers & Students Attend 100th Anniversary of the Founding of the Communist Party of China Photo Exhibition2021-07-12

DSEDJ Director Visits KWNC & Exchanges about Educational Institutes Development2021-07-02

Macao’s first Quality End of Life Care for All© (QELCA©) programme has been successfully completed2021-07-02

KWNC Hosts Nursing Research & Academic Forum for Beijing, Macao and Zhuhai Talents & Expands Opportunities2021-05-24

Lecture on Chinese Culture – Comprehending Macao Social Welfare Service Series 2: Complexo de Serviços de Apoio ao Cidadão Sénior Pou Tai2021-05-18

Strengthen Professional Identity of Nursing Students & Inherit the Spirit of Nursing2021-05-11

KWNC and 2 Guangdong Chinese Medicine Institutes Exchange Agreements & Jointly Promote Nursing Education2021-05-06

The 48th PSBH Commences with More Than 7 Types of Projects, Promote Better Health for 200 Residents2021-04-21

KWNC “Filial Piety & End of Life Care” Research Outputs Series Press Conference2021-04-15

Lecture on Chinese Culture – Understanding Macao Social Welfare Services Series 1: Fuhong Society of Macau2021-04-09

KWNC and Zunyi Medical University Sign Multiple Collaboration Agreements Online & Encourage Nursing Education Development2021-03-31

Zhejiang Business Leaders Visits KWNC & Discuss Collaboration2021-03-22

Dementia Care Research and Practice Seminar2021-03-15

KWNC and Community Institutions Holds Seminar Discussing Supply and Demand of Nursing Manpower2021-03-08

KWNC Signs Collaboration Agreement with Zhuhai Medical and Nursing Education Institutes2021-03-01

UM and KWNC scholars publish study on mental health status of Macao residents in later stage of epidemic2021-02-05

Macao World Heritage Half-Day Excursion2021-01-19

KWNC Presents 3 Research Outputs & Reveals Health Status of Local Communities2021-01-18

KWNC Completes BSN Programme Review2021-01-05

Hunan Science and Education Institutes’ Delegation Visits KWNC & Collaborates2020-12-16

Yuexiu CPPCC Members Arrange Medical and Hygiene Members to Visit & Exchange at KWNC2020-12-16

KWNC’s Research Team Presents a Paper in Hong Kong Association of Gerontology “27th Annual Congress of Gerontology” & Wins 1st Prize of Competition2020-12-07